O’Grady suffers snake bites in adder attack

OGrady and Buster
O'Grady and Buster

By Chris Hall

Esteemed chat show host Paul O’Grady, 53, suffered bites on his arm after being attacked by an Adder in his Aldington home.

The Channel 4 presenter fought the creature off with a broom after it had found its way into his country residence.

The viper had slithered out from underneath a pile of firewood when the attacked occurred on Sunday afternoon.

“Paul said it was extremely painful and at one point when this thing was attached to his arm he thought his time was up,” said a source close to O’Grady.

The presenter then frantically phoned his local hospital as well as surfing the internet, attempting to identify the assailant. He was re-assured that the bite from the endangered reptile was not life threatening.

The chances of encountering an Adder in general are very low as the creatures numbers have diminished in recent years, as it tends to shy away from conflict.

The source said: “His arm’s still very sore but the swelling’s gone down and it’s business as usual for him.”

“He was a bit shaken as anyone would be but he’s absolutely fine and can see the funny side to all of this.

Mr O’Grady returned to his usual 5pm slot on Monday evening.