Paisley Taxi Drivers Find New Ways of Making Cash

By Lauren McKenzie

black_taxiDrivers of largest paisley taxi firm are abusing their company policy in an attempt to beat the credit crunch over the Christmas period.

‘Paisley Cab Company’ which is home to over 600 drivers are feeling the strain of the economy the most. With customer numbers seriously lacking over the holidays, drivers have begun to hand out their own private mobile numbers to customers

Some of the company’s drivers who are using this method are promising customers that if they call them instead of going through the main switchboard they will arrive quicker and will give them a cheaper rate as well.

One driver who wished to remain anonymous said: “There is no work out there, which isn’t normal for this time of the year, you’d be daft not to find your own work – there is probably only a handful of drivers who don’t give out their own numbers”.

Drivers are being pushed to these extreme methods because they are failing to make a profit off their work. With the average rent a week for a taxi being a massive £200 and drivers having to pay for their own petrol – it is not surprising that the majority are failing to break even let alone make a profit.

One driver commented: “I’ve been a taxi driver all my life and i have never struggled for money. I blame the part-time drivers who work only over the Christmas period that are taking all our full-time drivers work. I’m now having to work 12 hour shifts where before i could work a 6 hour shift and make the same amount of money”.

After asking a sample of the Paisley Cab Company customers if they have ever encountered drivers handing over their mobile numbers – the majority said that yes they had.

Megan Johnston, 19 said: ” It’s always the same on a Saturday night when your heading into town, the taxi driver will say to call them when you need a lift home. They seem really desperate for work”.