Shannon jury retire to make decision

By Steven Allison

1668069Today, the jury that heard all the lucid details of the Shannon Matthews kidnap case have retired to make a well informed decision.

The charges against the two accused, Shannon’s mother Karen Matthews, 33, and Shannon’s uncle Michael Donovan, 40, are that of perverting the course of justice, false imprisonment and kidnap.

The likelihood of either escaping sentence is slim to none as the evidence against them is damning. There is no question of doubt as to whether they both had an involvement in the charges brought against them, despite the fact that both deny them

The trial has lasted a mere three weeks and the twelve strong jury consisting of seven men and three women heard details of Shannon’s disappearance in Dewsbury Moor, Yorkshire, in February.


Karen Matthews has attempted to pin the crime on her former partner, Craig Meehan, who earlier this week, denied that he has ever subjected Shannon to any violence, after claims he had hit her in the past.

Donovan claims that the masterplan to cash in on the £50,000 reward for Shannon’s safe return was Matthews’ and he only followed it through in fear of what she would do to him.

We wait with baited breath as to the outcome.