Improving Trains

Trains within the UK are now becoming faster, larger and more frequent, making the new years raised fares much more welcomed.

A new train timetable is to be introduced next Sunday showing an extreme increase in the amount of trains running throughout the year, with rail companies sending out an average of over 700 more a day on weekdays. An Atoc’s chief executive said that this multi-billion pound project means train companies are sending out over 265,000 more trains out each year throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

This project is mostly looking at improving the journey from London to Scotland on the west coast main line, and with 30 per cent more travels estimated there will be an additional 13 million seats a year. The Association of Train Operating Companies say that the new trains are to be much quicker as well as a great deal longer, allowing a lot more passengers to be aboard. Along with this there are also 8 other towns, which have been linked into the route by direct service to London.

Each weekday sees an additional 3.4 per cent trains running, bringing the total up to a massive 20,728 each year. The number of journeys running on Saturdays is said to rise by 5.2 per cent, whilst Sunday by 7.6 per cent, meaning there should be no need for any waiting about or complaints.

With a seasons ticket price being raised by around 6 per cent this coming January, passengers should be impressed by the effort that has been put towards the project. Fares have been raised quite rationally, with a trip from London to Edinburgh coming up over 5 per cent more, bringing it to £98.20. But with this you get a guaranteed quick, smooth, hassle-free journey.