News in Brief

by Margaret Kearns, Magnus Huntly-Grant, Maxim Lewerenz

Ex RBS boss named “Worst banker in the World”

Disgraced ex-RBS boss Fred Goodwin was this week named by American mag Newsweek as “The Worst Banker in the World”. Goodwin was knighted for ‘his services to banking” in 2004 but resigned in 2008 after the bottom fell out of the global market. He beat out Citibank CEO’s Sandy Weill, Chuck Prince, and Vikram Pandit for the ‘title’.

Aberdeen teacher placed on the sex offenders register

Alison Smith, 29, handed herself into police, after having admitted to sex with a 15 year old boy.  Smith, a special needs teacher, confessed to sleeping with the teen in June at her flat in Aberdeen. Sentencing has been deferred in the case although Smith has been paced on the sex offenders register and is expected to be struck off as a teacher.

Grieving relatives forced to pay to view the bodies of loved ones

Hospital chiefs have been slammed after it emerged that families requesting to view the bodies of their deceased relatives are being charged £30 for access. The fee, currently in place in Kirkwall is being charged in circumstances where the deceased dies anywhere other than hospital.

Gangster ‘Blink’ MacDonald arrested over prison bust up

Notorious bank robber Ian ‘Blink’ Macdonald was arrested at the weekend for breach of the peace after he got involved in an altercation between a prison guard and an inmate he was visiting at Glenochil prison. MacDonald spent the weekend in police custody and is expected to be charged on the 17th of December at Alloa Sheriff Court.

Abnormal sleep linked to diabetes

The Establishment of a direct link between the way the body responds to night and day and the way it metabolises sugar means that abnormal sleep patters could mean an increased risk of diabetes type 2, according to scientists from Oxford and Sweden.

One of the would-be wirepullers behind the Bombay attacks has been captured during a raid of the Pakistanian army this Sunday