Cosmetic Surgery Creating Closer Links Between East and West

 By Melissa Wong

For oriental women, the ability to access cosmetic methods to enhance a more western look has reached another level as they embrace eyelash extensions.

In Japan, women have become fanatical with the new craze.  The painstaking specialist salon procedure involves a hair by hair attachment of synthetic lashes taking at least 45 minutes to apply.  This has become the latest beauty fad for Japanese eyelash-extension_1202231cwomen as they attempt to adopt a more western look. 

The new cosmetic procedure has become widely popular with women of all ages. For the 20 somethings, this is the chance to emulate their manga heroines and for the middle-aged, a more sophisticated appearance.

Asuka Miyajima, 24, who works for a fashion firm said: ‘I do it for fun. Your eyes look so much wider and bigger.  It looks like mascara but lasts about two weeks. And you don’t have to put on too much make-up.”

The common interpretation of the oriental facial feature has been frequently manipulated by many beauty crazes. Women are already undertaking other cosmetic procedures such as painful operations to lengthen their legs as well as skin peels or laser treatments to adopt a paler feature.  Now, with the new  phenomenon of permanent eyelash extensions to make eyes look bigger, it can be anticipated that other options to make an oriental person look more western will appear in the market.

It appears that this paranoia to disguise oriental features has become a common thing within the oriental community and it can be argued as to how far women will go to look more ‘westernised’.