It’s like a scene from Lock Stock

Jones in Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels

Hardman: Jones in Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels

James Davies

Football hard-man Vinnie Jones ,43, has been left with huge scars across his face after he was glassed in a vicious bar brawl.

The footballer turned Holywood actor (famous for grabbing gazza’s goolies in the famous 1988 photo)  was left with a huge scar across his forehead, a gouge on his nose and an assortment of cuts and scrapes after a fight with a thug in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The furious ex-footballer needed 48 stitches after the brawl with Jesse Bickett ,24, after he was smashed over the head with a beer glass.

Bickett faces a year in jail for aggravated assault charges, but his lawyer Manny De Castro insists that it was Vinnie who started the fight: ” Vinnie started the fight over a game of pool.  He punched and head-butted Mr Bickett, who then hit back with a beer glass”.

The Mean Machine star was furious at the unprovoked attack and said: ” the fact is,someone tried to blind me. Wouldn’t you be p***** off if someone tried to blind you? ”

The lock stock and two smoking barrels hard-nut has been arrested in connection with the brawl, but no formal charges have yet been set. Although pals of Jones insist it was Bickett that instigated the fight, a full investigation will still take place.