Diet drink
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By Ashleigh Morris 

Recent pictures have revealed Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan looking svelte after her various stints in rehab. But could her weight loss be down to more than healthy eating and exercise?

A picture featured in Grazia magazine shows Lohan clutching a bottle of VPX RedLine Fat Incinerator – a product designed to help bodybuilders ‘shred’ body fat and to provide energy. But how good can this be for your health?

VPX RedLine contains extremely high amounts of caffeine and is designed to shred fat through the body’s shivering response. The shivering process burns body fat for energy to keep the body warm. VPX also causes the body to sweat. The formula, also available in a capsule, claims you can feel the effects within five minutes. The drink is only available for purchase in the US, however UK residents are able to buy it online.

Superintendent pharmacist Evelyn Mackenzie told Dunedin Napier News: “The caffeine is bad for your heart, it’s probably one step down from using speed. Your body needs time to recover and it’s certainly not advisable long term.”