New names for Scottish babies

Unique names are popular in Scotland
Unique names are popular in Scotland. Picture: Nichole Guthrie

By Nichole Guthrie

Nearly 50,000 births sharing just 7,000 names were registered in Scotland this year according to Duncan Macniven, Registrar General for Scotland.

Among these babies, over 4,000 were given unique names including Disney, Goodness, Gypsy and Armani for girls and Austin-Blade, Ace, T and Godlove for boys.

Celebrity children names were also an inspiration to parents with Jayden and Max names of Britney Spears’ and JLo’s sons featuring as new entrants in the top 50 baby names.

Pam Satran, co-author of The Brilliant Book of Baby Names, said: “You may not be able to drive a Bentley or have that amazing Chanel dress that someone like Angelina Jolie might have worn at the Oscars, but anyone can name their child Shiloh.”

Americans Heath and Deborah Campbell named their baby Adolf Hitler to keep their child as unique as possible. Their choice of name led their local supermarket to refuse to make a cake showing the child’s full name.

The top names for each gender remain traditional names. Including Jack, Lewis and Daniel for boys and Sophie, Emily and Olivia for girls.

Mr Macniven told Dunedin Napier News: “The top 10 names accounted for just 15 % of all babies this year compared to 21 % in 2000. Even though there is a greater diversity in names than before, there is still much continuity in the top names.”