Should I stay or should I go….?

New York City

By Greg Lorraine

Searches for flights to the US are down by 15 per cent in the run-up to Christmas, according to flight search engine Skyscanner.

It is a time when us Brits usually make the trip to places like New York and Los Angeles to pick up holiday bargains.

The current economic climate and the stronger dollar are said to be the main factors putting people off.

A spokesperson for Thomson Travel said: “People don’t appear to be put off spending money on holidays, in fact I think they actually want to get away more than ever before to relax and take time out from the stresses of everyday life.

“However, the current exchange rate for dollars and the Euro aren’t as good as it has been in recent times. Because of this, people are thinking more about getting the best deal on a holiday and looking closely at how much money they will have to spend once they reach their destination.”

Places such as Turkey, Thailand and Croatia are among the places proving most popular for holidaymakers.