News in Brief


Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel – Lebanese government has condemned the attacks. (BBC)

Russia cut the pipelines – gas executives from both Russia and Ukraine held talks in Moscow today in order to resolve the gas crisis which is now affecting other Eastern European countries. (Reuters)

Senegal courts have jailed nine gay men for ‘indecent conduct and unnatural acts’. Human rights groups across the world have condemned the ruling. (BBC)


The Bank of England has cut interest rates to 1.5% in a bid to ease the economy. The cut is the lowest in 315 years. (BBC)

Prime Minister hosts cabinet meeting in Liverpool to discuss the economy. The move has been criticised by Tory leader David Cameron as a ‘gimmick’. (BBC)

The government has denied claims that Gordon Brown plans to print more money to ease inflation. (Reuters)

Sainsburys has reported a rise in profits during the credit crunch. The13 weeks leading up to January saw a 4.5 percent increase for the supermarket chain. (Reuters)

Train services are almost back to normal after falling power cables created severe delays for six days. (BBC)

Checking emails for fraud: the government is warning against tax fraudsters who are tricking people into sending their financial details in fake HM Revenue & Customs emails.(Reuters)

Lincolnshire locals claim UFO hit a wind farm during the night. Neighbouring residents claim they saw something circular with flashing lights heading towards the farm. (BBC)


Ministers are fighting over the Government’s £33bn budget proposal which needs to get parliamentary approval. Ministers have already rejected a proposal by the Liberal Democrats to cut the income tax by 2p. (BBC)

Three people from Aberdeenshire are in stable condition after an explosion in the Drumtochty Arms Hotel last night. A woman and two men were injured when part of the hotel collapsed. (BBC)

A car was stolen in Edinburgh yesterday afternoon with a three year old toddler still in the back seat. The boy was reunited with his parents shortly after and police are appealing for the suspects. (BBC)