Vaccine still available

By Paul McCormack

Flu vaccination
Flu vaccination

Doctors in Lanarkshire are urging patients to book an appointment with their GP as the number of people with the flu virus continues to rise.

Although a high percentage of the over 65s have already taken the advice and protected themselves with the free flu vaccination, people who are most at risk under this age group are advised to take urgent action.

Patients who already have asthma, chronic heart problems or diabetes are most at risk and the vaccine is free for these sufferers.

NHS Scotland set a target of 60% of people in the ‘high risk’ group to be protected but as it stands only 46.6% have opted for the flu jab so far.

Dr. Carol Graham told Dunedin Napier News: “It isn’t too late to get the vaccination, for patients in the ‘high risk’ bracket there is potential for flu to be fatal.

“With no cost involved it is better to be safe than sorry and if you haven’t already make sure you make an appointment with your GP.”