Meadows Fun Run Fun Day

If you pass by the Meadows this Sunday, you may be a little surprised by what you find.

Around 800 keen runners (and a few enthusiastic walkers) will be taking part in the third annual Meadows Marathon, organised by ESCA, the Edinburgh Student Charities Appeal.

Participants have the option of running a 5k or half marathon distance, as well as events for teams of between four and 10 people. And as the event is taking place for Comic Relief, among other charities, fancy dress is not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Natasha Heald, of the Meadows Marathon team, is keen for people as many people to get involved as possible.

“There will be loads of people in ridiculous outfits on the day. Registration is still open on Sunday so we’re hoping for a final push and a few more.”

If a half marathon seems a little daunting, then it should be stressed that a 5k (or two laps of the meadows) is perfectly possible for even the most gym-shy.

For spectators, there is no shortage of entertainment around the course on the day. Natasha continued:

“There is loads of entertainment. Acoustic guitarists, drummers, face painters and cheer leaders. It will be loads and loads of fun.”

ESCA organise several fundraising raising activities throughout the year. A month ago they staged their yearly Race to Paris, involving teams battling to reach Paris by spending as little money as possible. Hitch hiking, blagging, and freebees are the watch words.

If you are interested in getting involved in ESCA then Natasha wouldn’t hesitate to encourage you.

“Everyone is so, so friendly, you meet loads of different people. And because there are so many big events, Race to Paris, World AIDS Day, and the Charities week it does in January, you can really specialise.”

If you feel the urge to do something good for Comic Relief then Registration opens at 9:30 on Sunday morning. Volunteers to help out around the event are also sought. More details can be found at