A Spring Polish………

By Sarah Mackinnon

Polish culture is set to claim its own place among the throng of cultural celebration which Edinburgh has to offer . It has been announced that a  Polish Cultural festival will take place for the first time on the 20th to the 26th April this year.

The Polish Cultural Festival in Edinburgh
The Polish Cultural Festival in Edinburgh

The Spring programme is packed full of different events, from traditional folk music and dance, lectures by eminent historians and even unique retrospectives by the founding fathers of modern Polish cinema. Theatre and visual art unique to the Eastern European country will also be celebrated which the programme brochure promises will, ‘speak in the voice of young Poland’

Contrary to recent reports that Edinburgh’s Polish contingent was giving up on the city due to lack of work, this festival will reinforce the Poles’ attachment to Scotland’s capital. The celebratory week has been organised, staffed and fund raised entirely by a voluntary network of Polish people under the age of 30 with  main sponsorship coming from the Scottish Arts Council and Edinburgh City Council.

The Festival has the support of the Consul-General of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Dietkow, who said,

“I hope that this Festival will not only help the integration process but also help people to understand Polish culture better and through this to understand Poles even without knowing the language of our country”.

Those at the helm of this injection of a unique and vibrant culture into Edinburgh’s yearly programme of events claim,

“The Festival will allow our Scottish friends to gain deeper understanding of who we are and for everyone in Edinburgh to unite in doing what it does better than anywhere – in raising a glass!”