A Red Balloon Day for Edinburgh

the-balloon-launch1By Adam Bergin


This Saturday, at 5pm, up to 1000 balloons will be released into the Edinburgh sky.

Each helium-filled balloon will have attached someone’s name, contact details and a piece of literature of their choice.

The aim of The Red Balloon Project is to “connect people”, explains co- organiser Varpu Laakonnen.

 “As a child growing up in Finland I’d go to fairs that had a similar idea. We all wanted to put this into an Edinburgh context and one that would be visually appealing.”

It is expected to be weeks, possibly months, until the tags fall back to earth and are found. The idea is that the receiver then gets in contact and pen-pals are formed.

Varpu has been impressed by the popularity of the event so far, “We’ve had emails from as far flung as Russia, America and Australia. So many people from very different walks of life are getting involved”

“We’d love more people to join in. It’s a great chance to speak to someone you are likely to never come across in everyday life.”

“The literature on the tags can be an extract from a poem or novel, or a famous quote; anything you think would be suitable really”

If you want to get involved you can either email your name and personal message to 08004631@napier.ac.uk or attend the launch on Arthur’s Seat this Saturday at 5pm.

*Please note that all balloons are made from biodegradable latex that only takes six months to decompose.*