Edinburgh’s songwriting is the key to success

by Steven A Kearney

2009 is being hailed as the year Edinburgh gets a live music scene to match its capital status and it is old fashioned song writing techniques which are behind the revival.

For years Scotland’s capital has played second fiddle to the Glasgow music scene, but in recent times it seems that bands from the East coast have been the ones to stike a chord with the music press and promoters.

One such promoter to be impressed by the so called ‘Edinburgh Scene’ is Tallah Brash, head of local club night and record label This Is Music, ‘In Edinburgh at the moment there are loads of opportunities and there is a real sense of community within the music scene. All the promoters seem to be working together rather than against each other’.

Edinburgh 4 piece Meursault
Edinburgh 4 piece Meursault

The live scene is centred  primarily on Scotland’s Club of the Year Caberet Voltaire.  They have featured live acts such as current BBC 6Music favourites Metronomy and emerging local band Meursault.

Other Edinburgh venues have also managed to build up a reputation for their live music.  Sneaky Pete’s is a tiny club on the Cowgate with a capacity of just 81 people, but has gained a reputation for promoting the most exciting young talent making music in Edinburgh.

‘What has struck me this year is that the revival has been led by really amazing songwriting’, said Sneaky Pete’s owner Nick Stewart, who has been promoting bands all over Scotland for more than Ten years.  ‘A lot of the bands who have emerged from Glasgow in the last Ten years have been attached to a certain style of music, whilst the current crop of musicians in Edinburgh is varied, but with quality songwriting at the core ‘.

So what are the chances of an Edinburgh act emerging on the UK scene or even breaking the notoriously tough market in the US?

Nick Stewart believes he has the answer, ‘Broken Records have blown us all away in Edinburgh over the last few years and have just signed to 4AD records, with an album due out in June.  They are already making waves in London and could well be the act to lead an Edinburgh charge on the international stage’.

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