Bathgate Branching Out… Again

by E. J. Andrew

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Network Rail has recently revealed that the opening of it’s railway link between Bathgate and Edinburgh is now expected to cost over £370m. Craig Bowman, Press Manager for Network Rail Scotland, has said today that the build “is anticipated to cost around £370m” though these figures are still subject to change. He went on to say that despite the cost increase the construction is still expected to “be completed in December of 2010 as previously announced.”

Bowman explained that these budget projections are consistent with the inflation that has occurred between the start of 2006 and now.

As of early 2007 Network Rail has been aiming to improve the railway link between Airdrie and Edinburgh. It sits as a midpoint between the two, Bathgate is currently in the midst of somewhat of a revival, with the existing train line to Edinburgh being vastly improved from what it was previously as it is being developed from a single track to a double track railway line.

Along with this, the contractors being used by Network Rail have set a precedence by aiming to employ most trainees from the surrounding areas, allowing for increased prosperity in both Bathgate and Airdrie.

With Network Rail at the helm of the project there is a positive attitude surrounding the build as there is increased focus on the availability of another rail link between East and West coasts of Scotland whilst including the smaller towns of the Central Belt and allowing for access to the larger cities. So whilst the construction is going on, things are looking up for Bathgate and Airdrie.