China to strengthen ties with outcast neighbour North Korea

by Christian McBride

China has committed to strengthening ties with it’s politically outcast neighbour North Korea. This can be seen as a move on the part China to keep a potentially volatile neighbour close to them inĀ  to avoid potential future aggravation. North Korea having recently driven forward in its missile test program, having successfully test launched missiles theoretically capable of reaching well into Japan, China and Russia against the will of the UN it can potentially grow into a threat if left out of the political community.

This should not be seen so much as Communist countries banding together as they had done under the 20th centuries communist bloc. The older communist alliances were bound together by ideology where as Dr Luke March, a political lecturer at Edinburgh University specialising in Soviet and post Soviet relations, observes that “North Korea is some what an aging communist dinosaur, clinging to a ‘retro’ style of communism, where as in China it’s pretty much a capitalist country with a communist party in power, it’s just a label.” However other regional powers have pressed on Beijing to use crucial control over supplies on energy and other resources to North Korea in order to curtail Pyongyang’s missile development program.

This development does give rise to some political heat in the wake of recent actions by India and South Korea undercutting recent easing of tensions with North Korea. But recent actions have gone towards the easing of Nuclear tensions.

photo courtesy of coxandforkum
photo courtesy of coxandforkum