Grand Theft Auto creator comes to Napier


A state of the art computer game facility was opened at Edinburgh Napier University on Monday October 5th.

The University’s School of Computing welcomed former student Brian Baglow, a producer of the popular ‘Grand Theft Auto’ game, to officially open the new game design lab.

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The lab will provide resources for students on the university’s new Bsc in Interactive Entertainment. With 24 networked computers and Xbox 360s, a 50-inch plasma television, projection screens and software for robotics development, the degree will help future games programmers hone their skills.

Sally Smith, Head of the School of Computing said: “students will be able to design and develop their own games in a state of the art environment.”

The degree will also teach students how to bring networking and programming together and how to work across various gaming platforms.

In the UK, the games industry was worth an estimated 4 billion GBP in 2008 according to a report by ELSPA. Over 20 million games were sold for the Nintendo Wii, a quarter of the UK’s game sales. Xbox 360 sales were up by 51% last year and PlayStation 3 software made around 334 million GBP. The platform’s popularity has grown after many retailers dropped their prices in the wake of the worldwide recession.