Twin Atlantic (Studio 24, 2/10/2009)


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Studio 24 is tucked away on Calton Road and is a small sweatbox of a club popular with students.

With the venue rammed to capacity despite the odd drunk being thrown outside and those underage-with-their-pre-show-bottle-of-cider being breathalysed and not allowed in, the energy inside boils over as Scotland’s latest homegrown heroes take to the stage.

Hailing from Glasgow, Twinny as they’re affectionately known, have been working hard for the last couple of years. Having landed support slots with the likes of Funeral For A Friend and Taking Back Sunday, the band have definitely upped their game and have began crafting solid and memorable shows for their loyal fanbase.

On their return to Edinburgh from a jaunt around the other parts of this isle, the band are met by a wall of sound and an audience desperate to demonstrate their love for songs in a familiar accent. From the moment the band step onto the stage, the crowd are eating from the palm of frontman Sam McTrusty’s hand as he pushes and pulls and works the energy to fever pitch.

With the set list consisting of a mix of old favourites and a few more recent tracks off their debut ‘Vivarium’, there’s plenty here for old and news fans alike. For such a young band, it is refreshing to see Twin Atlantic taking their music seriously but genuinely enjoying the moment and engaging with the people on the floor.