A glossy solution to drug rape

Tracy_Tina_at_bar_with_displayby Anna Fenton

Liverpool-based business woman Tracy Whittaker has launched lip gloss- drug testing kit. The testing kit is a simple pink taper, which tests for the common street drugs GHB and Ketamine, two widely available substances known to be used in bars and clubs.

In the last two years alone, ‘The Roofie Foundation‘ (Britain’s only agency specifically set up to help the victims of Drug Rape) recorded 1,200 victim calls to their helpline. Despite five government reports requesting that these figures be recorded, no other official figures exist therefore the real number of victims remains unknown.

Jean Cumming, councilor at ‘Crisis’, the Scottish partner of ‘The Roofie Foundation’ commented: ‘ We look at trends and respond to them where we can. We offer counselling, not just for victims in the UK, but for people who’ve been affected abroad.’ However, this is not an easy problem to deal with.  Sandy Brindly, co-ordinator of ‘Rape Crisis Scotland‘ commented: ‘Because of the nature of drug rape, it’s often very difficult to prosecute, as victims often have a very fragmented memory of the event’.

Tracy Whittaker said: “Through personal experience and those of my close friends, I identified a need for such a product so set about researching drink spiking drugs and what type of testing kit I could put in a lip gloss pack alongside developing the perfect lip gloss for a glitzy night out.”  This new product caters for the modern woman, with beauty and safety brought together so women should never get caught in a trap when out in town again.