Animal Abandonment On The Rise

By Matthew Nelson

Many kittens are not being housed.
Many kittens are not being housed.

The SSPCA today reported that abandonment of pets has been ‘increasingly steadily in the last five years.’

According to Claire Gordon, communications officer for the SSPCA,  there has been ‘a number of incidents lately’ as many Scots struggle to pay for their pets as the recession takes a stranglehold of many animal owner’s expendable income.

This is a story that has tugged at the heartstrings of many Scots as the story of four abandoned kittens that were rescued from a car boot emerged yesterday. Alarmingly, this is just one of a number of incidents that were not recorded. Gordon notes that ‘in the past few months there have been a number of abandonments.’

It seems that the old adage that a pet is not just for Christmas is even more applicable in the current economic climate. Gordon advises against making pets another ‘impulse purchase’ and urges owners to ‘think of the long term’ and ‘not to take on pets if they can’t afford it.’

Despite the rise in abandonment of pets, animal lovers are still willing to adopt. A spokesperson for the Blue Cross animal charity noted that ‘it’s been okay on that front.’ However, while people are still able to house animals they are unable to do so without careful consideration. The Blue Cross has found that kittens are being adopted less frequently of late, unusual as pre-recession they were ‘snapped up.’