Drive to get Britain Baking

7th October 2009

Coconut Strawberry Cake
Coconut Stawberry Cake taken from Open Salon

By Amy Sutherland

National Baking Week is less than two weeks away and preparations are already underway.

Schools have been receiving packs designed to bring baking and learning together in the classroom.  Getting children enthusiastic about baking at an early age is essential, according to baking enthusiast Frannie at NBW: ‘My passion for baking comes from being a small child, spending many rainy afternoons at the kitchen table or perched on the kitchen counter watching my grandma whip up the most amazing cakes, savoury tarts, breads of all kinds and doughnuts: which she called rain cakes…’

Various stores also have offers available to those keen to give baking a try.   T. J. Hughes stores in Glasgow, Dundee and Dumfries are your local outlets giving away a National Baking Week Goody Bag when you spend £5 on Pyrex goods.

Many recipes and tips are available on the National Baking Week website for those keen to get their pinny and oven gloves looked out.