From the back of the net to the internet.

By Julia Bruce

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For the first time in British football history the England qualifier will be streamed live to viewers online across the UK. The move from television to online comes after the demise of the pay for tv sporting channel Setanta earlier this year.

It was only a matter of time before we saw the end this particular era of television viewing. According to the Independent, Andrew Crocker, Performs Executive Chairman told the BBC “The world is changing…this is a classic example of it. It’s exciting. Anyone who wants to come on a journey with us should sign up – they will enjoy it.”

The away game against Ukraine on Saturday will be shown through Media group Perform, and the independent will also be streaming the match. There is a maximum of one thousand viewers to ensure the sight does not crash, but questions of quality of viewing have been raised, especially in the current era of high definition television, sky plus, and many other “luxury” viewing facilities.

Are football fans across the nation willing to forgive the quality of image in order to see the action first hand, and what will happen to our nations trustworthy, high quality, broadcasting outlets if the online television phemomenan continues to thrive?