Great White Hope?

By Matthew Nelson

More and more exotic sea creatures may start to appear in Scottish waters, according to a leading marine expert.

Rod Wooten, deputy director of the institute of aquaculture at Stirling University, noted that there was “evidence fish from southern waters are starting to crop up more frequently.” These findings come directly off the back of a swordfish being caught in the River Forth by  fisherman Brian Hynd. The swordfish, which Hynd plans to barbecue, is usually found in more temperate waters. Wooten ascribes this to a “warming of sea temperatures.”

While Hynd’s find seems anomalous, Wooten believes that “it’s possible more swordfish are kicking around.” It is feasible that there are other exotic species lurking beneath the casual fisherman’s bait. Wooten notes that there are “quite a lot of sharks in Scottish waters, some 6 to 8 feet long.”

So what are the chances of bigger and bigger dorsal fins appearing off a coastline near you? Wooten says that it’s a “very hazy subject”; nevertheless he did say that “in general we would expect movement north of some species.” Swimmers should not hesitate to dip their toes in the water just yet though- Wooten predicts that it will be some time before we get “great whites off Dunoon.”

Coming to a shore near you?
Coming to a shore near you?