Scots receive second chance to come home

By Shane Barry

Scotland will hold two more Homecoming celebrations before the end of 2014, First Minister, Alex Salmond revealed yesterday.

Despite much criticism that has been directed at the celebration and the organisation overseeing its running, VisitScotland, by various bodies, Mr Salmond hailed the inaugural campaign as a huge success.

The Homecoming celebrations which this year feted the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scottish bard, Robert Burns are seen as a calling to home for all Scottish ex-pats and also as key to attracting American tourists to Scotland, many of whom claim some form of Scottish heritage.

Of the events that took place this year,  particular emphasis has been placed on The Gathering which this year brought together members and decendants of all Scottish clans. It attracted visitors from North America, Europe and Australia to the Scottish Capital and has emerged as the proposed centerpiece to the next Homecoming that Scotland looks poised to hold in 2012.