The Cyclehoop comes to Edinburgh

cyclehoopBy Linn Dupont

An award winning way of parking bicycles has arrived in Edinburgh.

The invention is called the Cyclehoop and is a new stylish way to park bikes. The Cyclehoop can be attached to any pole and provides a more secure way to park bicycles without risking them to swivel around and fall down to the pavement. The hoops should link together bicycles in pair, for better stability and parking functions. This is  something that would motivate people to park their bikes instead of just throwing them in a street corner.

In Edinburgh you can now try using the Cyclehoop on one location so far.

“We’ve put up two sets of pairs at West Nicholson Street as a part of a trial”, Edinburgh City of Council confirms.

The Cyclehoop was made by London based designer Anthony Lau, who recently started training as an architect. The hoops are available in a wide range of colours and are currently working in different places around London.

Lau came up with the idea of a new type of bike stand when his own bicycle was lifted  over a sign post. He carried out a lot of research before deciding what could be the perfect way to safely park a bike.