Patients experience problems with Hospedia

By Amy Anderson

Hospital pay-per-view television set
Hospital pay-per-view television set

Patients at The Royal Infirmary Hospital in Edinburgh are being left unable to use their pay-per-view television sets because staff are not trained in using the technology and Hospedia representatives are only available to come and help them during the day.

Hospidia (formerly known as Patientline) is used in hospitals all over the country and aims to make ‘people’s stay in hospital easier by proving some of the entertainment and communication choices they enjoy at home’. However, patients and relatives have recently been left angered after purchasing television cards only to find themselves experiencing problems and being unable to get proper help during the night.

Whilst the organisation does provide a 24-hour help-line,  call-outs are only available at limited times during the day. One woman, whose Mother is currently a patient at the hospital is angry that she is paying money for a service that her relative is only sometimes able to use: ‘It’s disgusting that no-one could come and sort out my Mum’s TV during the evening – the helpline offers very confusing advice and all my Mum wanted was for someone to come and fix her TV. I have been paying out a lot of money between the parking and television fees and the least I would expect in return for these ridiculous expenses is for help to be readily available for sick elderly people’.

A representative from Hospedia stated that he was aware of the problem but said that ‘the majority of calls are dealt with by the 24-hour helpline’ and, as a result, there are ‘no current plans to have people available for bed call-outs’. However, he also stated that Hospedia would not rule this out in the future if problems continue to persist.