Polar Expedition

by Wendy Wan

One of Edinburgh’s most famous resident is moving home.  Mercedes, the only polar bear in the UK, has acquired a new home with the Highland Wildlife Park.

Arriving at the age of 3 from Canada, Mercedes has been with Edinburgh Zoo for the past 25 years and has become one of the biggest draws of  the zoo. 

Through donations, £75,000 was raised  to construct Mercedes new home of over 4 acres, making it one of the largest polar bear enclosures in Europe.   With the aid of  the armies equipment and time, Mercedes will soon be residing in a brand new enclosure.  A  platform will be constructed to provide visitors a “unique insight into the natural behaviour” of bears and a large natural pool will be there for Mercedes to enjoy.   

When the time comes for Mercedes to bid farewell to Edinburgh she will be travelling up North in a transport crate, and will be given time to settle in before visitors  are given the opportunity to say hello.

Whether what is going to fill Mercedes paw prints is still up in debate, David Windmill, Chief Executive for RZSS  said, “We realise that the departure of Mercedes will leave a void at Edinburgh Zoo and the wheels are in motion to introduce new and exciting species in the coming months.” 

The last day to say goodbyeMercedes to Mercedes will be on Sunday 18 October.