Scotland Swayed by Cameron’s Speech?

By Gemma Haigh and Narelle McGowan

David Cameron: Keynote Speech
David Cameron: Keynote Speech

In Conservative Leader, David Cameron’s key note speech on Thursday he spoke of his passion for the Union, but did he do enough to get the Scots on side?

Known for their anti-Tory stance Scottish people appear to have had a shift in opinion and are open to hearing what Cameron has to say.

From public opinion the following Conservative main points seem have hit home with the Scottish people.

–          Getting the troops home from Afghanistan

–          Help the poor by ‘Getting Britain Working’

–          Give the NHS back to the people

–          Ensure the Union remains in tact

–          Break the state monopoly on the provision of education

–          Get rid of ID cards and Labour’s ‘surveillance state’

–          New technologies to fight climate change

The decision of the Scottish Sun to fail to follow suit and back the Conservative Party in Scotland was of no surprise to the Scottish people: claiming that the Conservative’s are out of touch with Scotland.

However after Cameron’s speech there is a mixed reaction on the streets of Edinburgh as to whether they would consider voting Conservative.

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