North Korea tests further missiles

Part of North Korea's growing arsenal (Courtesy of

By Martin Adam

North Korea has once again defied US wishes to disband desires to become a fully nuclear state, test launching five short-range ballistic missiles off the peninsula’s east coast.

Reports from South Korea’s Yonhap agency come at an unusual time as Pyongyang recently expressed its intention to return to multiple party international talks regarding their nuclear weapons programme.

Local media reports in the last week have alluded to American plans to sail aircraft carrier, The USS George Washington to the South Korean port of Busan.  It is unclear whether the permitted short-range tests are part of regular military practice or a direct response to US manoeuvres.

Russia, a firm supporter of the six way talks has come forward as the first nation to vocalize their opinion on the matter.  A figure part of Russia’s foreign ministry has stated through the Itar-Tass news agency,

“The launch of short-range missiles by the Korean People’s Democratic Republic causes bewilderment,”

“It was not the most suitable time to do this now, when all efforts are made to restart six-way talks on Korea’s nuclear problem.”

At this time no comment has been made by any officials linked with the Northern regime.  Such an act of provocation will surely increase the tightening sanctions placed by the United Nations following a previous underground test performed in May.