The Green Belt Of Scotland

By Alice Croal

2009 marks the beginning of a new environmental renovation of post industrial Scotland, known as the Central Scotland Green Network Project. The aims of the project are to improve areas of Scotland such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Falkirk by planting new forests, tending to derelict areas of land, improving foot paths, building new cycle ways and to create habitats for wild life. The Central Scotland Green Network Project is the biggest of its kind and hopes to cover an area twice the size of London and plant trees over 34000 hectares.
The project is fronted by the Central Scotland Forest Trust, but works in partnership with the Forestry Commission Scotland, Scotland Natural Heritage and vairious local authorities. Sue Evans, speaking for the Trust states that the project ‘is at a very early stage’ and that the ‘draft vision looks ahead to 2050’  for  the complete renovation of Scotlands Central belt and its landscape. The hopes are that by improving the environment around the central belt, it will also improve the quality of life in those areas. The project would also improve the value of certain areas and attract business. When asked how the Trust proposed to fund such a large project Sue Evans responded that ‘no specific funding has been identified, but funds like SDRP, Landfill Tax are already used  for the delivery of woodlands, wetlands, etc’.
The project announces on its website that they want to make ‘Central Scotland a play to live, work and play’.