Vettriano Exhibits in Kirkcaldy

Just one of the collection coming to Kirkaldy
Just one of the collection coming to Kirkaldy

By Lucy McGirk

Fife born artist Jack Vettriano’s current exhibition documenting 100 years of the famous yacht the Tuiga is set to exhibit in the artist’s home town of Kirkcaldy early next year before travelling to London and Milan.

Vettriano, 58, born Jack Hoggin, is Scotland’s best selling, and best known artist, he has painted this collection after being approached by the Yacht Club of Monaco to mark the occasion.

Vettriano said, “to get involved with the Tuiga centenary was just lovely. Sometimes i have to pinch myself”.

The artist was approached by the yacht club at his home in Nice after his previous collaberation with Sir Jackie Stewart unveiled in 2007. He stated ” looking at the beautiful motorcars, looking at beautiful women, the style and architecture – it stimulates all your senses” .

He does however, still reside for some of the year in his home town in Fife, staying close to is roots. He maintains that growing up “Leven beach meant almost everything to me”.

The artist, sometimes referred to as the ‘People’s Painter’ has chosen Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery for his work. Jane Freel, the Museum’s curator said ” this is a great thing that’s happening”.

Jack is currently headlong into a new project which is still in the development stages.