Foolish Facebook Fraudster Caught In Cancun

By Michael McLintock

A man who has has been on the run from US authorities after allegedly stealing over $200,000  has been caught in a holiday resort in Cancun.

Mr Maxi Sopo learned earlier in the year that US authorities had gained information about his fraud and fled to Cancun, Mexico.

Picture of Sopo, provided by the Seattle U.S Attorney's office
Picture of Sopo, provided by the Seattle U.S Attorney's office

Sopo, 26, regularly updated his Facebook status to gloat about his life and how much fun he was having at the resort.  Sopo said he was “loving it” and boasted he was “living in paradise”

Michael Scoville, US Assistant Attorney who assisted in tracking down Sopo said that “He was making posts about his beautiful life and how he was having a good time with his buddies”

He then went onto say “He was definitely not living the way we wanted him too, giving the charges he was facing”

The Cameroon-born fraudster originally worked in Seattle nightclubs selling roses.

Sopo was caught when he befriended a former justice department official on Facebook.

It was revealed that a secret service agent, Seth Reeg, had traced Sopo’s Facebook page and tracked his friends list down, finding the former justice official.

Reeg contacted the former justice official who helped track down Sopo.

Sopo is currently being held in custody in Mexico waiting  to the US where he will stand trial facing charges of bank fraud.

Sopo’s accomplice Edward Asatoorians, was convicted by a federal jury in Seattle last week.

Sopo, if convicted, is expected to receive a sentence of roughly 30 years.