Four Square stop over hostel turns away applicants

By Jonathan Bradwell.

Courtesy of "State of the Union",
Courtesy of "State of the Union"

Four square, the accommodation and support company for the homeless, has had to turn away applicants in Edinburgh due to its popularity after the closure of other hostels in the city.

Following the closure of Allelon House, the bail hostel in Edinburgh, the stop over accommodation situated on Grove Street has seen a rise in people applying for the temporary housing solutions.

A spokesperson for Four Square told Edinburgh Napier News that “in the last few months, following the Allelon bail house closure, there has been an increase in the applicants here”.

He went on to say that “We only have sixteen beds so we have to turn some people down”.

Following the closure of the bail house, the stop over hostel has seen an increase in applicants who are not suitable for the type of accommodation offered by Four Square at this location.

The Spokesperson commented: “We have the criminal minded wanting to stay at the stop over hostel”. This stop over hostel was not built to accommodate people with criminal records, and so a place can not always be offered.

The stop over hostel owned by Four Square, a company that has its roots back to the 1970’s when the first advice centre was opened, is a refuge for vulnerable youths (aged between 16 and 21), where youngsters can stay up to three months whilst they are given help to relocate.

Interviews are given to newcomers, and then it is decided by two members of staff whether the person is eligible for the emergency housing.