Less money for women’s refuge

"Strength" Shakti Women's Aid
"Strength" Shakti Women's Aid

By Charlotte Turner

Edinburgh Local Government cut funding for black minority ethnic women’s refuge by ten percent.

Shakti Women’s Aid are experiencing cut backs in funding as a direct result of the recession.

Cutbacks in funding will mean services that were previously available to women experiencing and/or fleeing from domestic abuse will be reduced.

Reductions in the hours staff can work have been made in order to curb spending.

Information and education officer Mridul Wadhaw explained:

“Staff can no longer work as many hours. This means extra services such a social activities have had to stop.”

Mridul highlights the set backs Shakti Women’s Aid are experiencing:

“The cutbacks have not effected our core one on one service. It is the extra services that we previously offered that we have had to stop. These were therapeutic activities, such as a women’s group and parties for children and the women.”

The extra social activities helped to increase the support given to the women and minimize the feeling of isolation women fleeing domestic abuse may feel. Now that these services have been reduced the sense of unity these activities previously provided will be significantly less.

Shakti Women’s Aid provide a unique service for BME women and their children. They provide a wide range of services for these women. From safe refuge for both woman and child to stay, legal advice and even translations.

“Over 10 years Shakti has made a positive difference to the lives of over 1600 women and their children.”