The Citizen Blogger-Coming To A City Near You

by Kira Weir

The Guardian have announced that they will hire bloggers to provide local news in three major cities

The Guardian newspaper plans to implement the use of  locals in Leeds, Cardiff and Edinburgh by the start of next year. The service, entitled Guardian Local will use the writings of inhabitants of each respective city to source local news.

The job is advertised on the Guardian’s recruitment website encourages those without any Journalistic qualifications to apply for the job stating that such is “desirable” but not a requirement.

The advertisement states

” This is a completely new role for the Guardian, which we believe reflects the shifting nature of journalism.” and asks for those to apply who possess a “willingness to embrace new working methods.”  The role will require applicants to be familiar with the ever growing “bloggersphere” and sites such as Twitter.


Some fear that this will result in widespread cases of news being reported as fact that is based in fiction. One much publicised example of this shows that blogs can spread rumour like wildfire. In the case of a fake CNN website that was producing bogus stories that were then taken up by other online news publications and published as fact on 2003.

The newspaper however claims that Guardian Local will combat the possibility of “corruption” in local new reporting in the press release from   Emily Bell.

photograph courtesy of She Writes

The service is set to be available in January 2010 and the deadline for applications is the 8th of November.