Tram Works Uncover Airport Bomb

By Andrew Stewart

An unexploded ordnance device was uncovered yesterday on Burnside road which is in the vicinity of the main terminal of Edinburgh International airport by tram line workers yesterday.

A spokesman for the airport said yesterday, “At 10am a suspected unexploded ordnance device was discovered near the main terminal of Edinburgh Airport”. The spokesman continued, “This followed ongoing excavation works that are taking place as part of the Edinburgh tram work”.

The British Airport Authority (BAA) said that despite the bomb scare the airport worked as normal throughout.

The main Terminal at Edinburgh Airport
The main Terminal at Edinburgh Airport

Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (TIE), the company in charge of building the new tram lines throughout Scotland’s capital insist that the incident has caused no delay to the work on the lines.

Customer services director, Mandy Haeburn-Little said of the incident, “Bomb disposal experts were immediately called to the scene and have now removed the object. The airport operated normally throughout and no flights were affected.”

“as soon as it was discovered , the relevant authorities were notified and appropriate action taken to ensure the safety of anyone in the vicinity”

Before being under control by the ministry of aviation from 1960 onwards, Edinburgh airport was owned by the Ministry of Defense and used as a military airport being the most northerly defense base during the Great War. It is though that this is where the shell originated but as of late last night it is still unsure.

Lothian and Borders police later announced that an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team had safely removed the device and conducted a controlled explosion.