World Premiere of MacPherson’s Rant at Church Hill Theatre

By Niall McQuaid

The world premiere of MacPherson’s Rant is set to take place at the Church Hill Theatre in Morningside, Edinburgh between the 20th and 24th of October.

The musical will consist of new songs and traditional Scottish songs set to a contemporary Celtic rock backing.

The show features a 36 strong cast of professional and amateur actors, musicians and singers combining the best in Scottish drum and pipe music with Celtic roots music.

The play based on the Jacobite Rebellion tells the story of the unlucky James MacPherson who was hanged in Banff for being a ‘gypsy’.

Old classic songs such as Ye Jacobites, Ye Banks and Braes and Twa Recruiting Sergeants will be given a new lease of life in this brand new production.

John Ward, the show’s writer and producer enthused about the ideas behind the show.

He said: “They will be bringing the actual fiddle that James MacPherson played on the gallows tree to the Matinee and Gala performance on the 24th.”

Mr Ward said the MacPherson clan was supportive of the production.

“They have been very open to my version of the story, which of course being Musical Theatre, features love, revenge and betrayal as well as fabulous music, drama and dance.”

Councillor Deirdre Brock gave the show her blessing.

“We’re really thrilled to be hosting this exciting world premiere at our very own Church Hill Theatre.”

The Culture Convenor for the City of Edinburgh Council added: “MacPherson’s Rant promises to be a highly enjoyable and innovative musical and I’m sure audiences can look forward to a wonderful night’s entertainment.”

Tickets are available from the MacPherson’s Rant box office, phone 01506 623089 or email at or from Tickets Scotland at