Scots’ Palestinian Group Back UN Decision

The Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign has welcomed the decision by the UN Human Rights Council to back a report that has accused both Israel and Hamas of war crimes.

Mick Napier, chairman of the organisation, said: “We welcome the decision. It is long overdue, but very welcome and it gives us hope. It is a  milestone for the people of Palestine.”

However he acknowledged that the decision could have gone further. He added: “The decision is very modest – it doesn’t go far enough in condemning Israel. Their governemnt rejects the most basic condemnation of it’s behaviour. Judge Goldstone [who compiled the report] is not only Jewish but also a zionist.”

Israel itself and The US opposed endorsing the report, claiming it would hinder peace efforts in the region. The vote stood at twenty-five countries for and five against. Several countries abstained from voting, while others, including the UK, chose not to vote at all.

On Britain’s decision not to vote, he said: “We are disgusted at the role of the British government in kicking the report into the long grass. It’s disgraceful of the UK, which gave Palestine to European colonists and created the whole problem in the first place. Israel should not be excempted from human rights laws.”

The report found that Israel “committed actions amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity” by using disproportionate force, while also condemning Hamas for their continous rocket attacks.