The future of Edinburgh’s Meadowbank stadium looks uncertain as council chiefs admit that they are uncertain of when work on the planned renovation can begin.

What will become of Meadowbank?
What will become of Meadowbank?

Culture leader Diedre Brock has stated that while she is still “fully committed” to the project, that she can’t forecast when work can commence. The key stumbling block is the current dip in the property market which has scuppered plans to fund renovations by selling off land around the existing stadium. Until property values rise the project will remain on hold.

Brock remarked that “The issue is very much dependent on land values. If you’re asking me to predict when the current financial crisis will end, like most financial experts, I am unable to do that.”

While the future of Meadowbank is a matter of conjecture, its present is contentious. Despite the existing stadium being doomed to rubble, the council continue to pour money in. It was agreed in April of 2009 that almost 2 million pounds worth of funds would be injected to pay for “essential maintenance work”.

A spokesperson for the stadium insisted that the current renovations were entirely necessary and “needed to be done.” When asked if continuing to upgrade a facility that is, essentially, condemned was pointless, the spokesperson commented that: “my opinion is my opinion.”