British Backpackers not practicing safe sex Down Under

by Linn Dupont

Backpackers-6356853British backpackers traveling around in Australia has been accused for spreading sexually transmitted diseases caused by their risky behavior. That is found from a study made by Britain’s John Moores University in Liverpool and Australia’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.

A survey carried out amongst backpackers at hostels in Sydney and Cairns found out that the British backpackers often had triple the number of sexual partners compared to how many they were normally having sex with at home. This regardless being single or not.

The report shows that of those who were single when arriving to Australia and having sex, 40.9 percent reported not using condom on a regular basis, while 24.0 percent had unprotected sex with multiple partners.

Australia is a very popular travel destination and each year 700, 000 young Britons go there to enjoy life while traveling around and provide for themselves by carrying out different jobs on the way. Almost one fifth of the backpackers have more than one sexual partner when they’re on vacation.

“Backpackers are at high risk of sexually transmitted infections and other negative sexual outcomes”, the study sums up. Both John Moores University and Australia’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre strongly wish for backpackers to take a closer look at their behavior both before and during their travels in order to make an effort for improvement.