British Nationalist Party adopt World War II icons

by Luke Rajczuk

Nick Griffin, image courtesy of BNP website

The BNP party which now has its voice in the United Kingdom’s and European Union’s government are doing their best to promote themselves as ‘fighters for’ the better Britain. Nick Griffin, the leader of the political party wants the Kingdom to be of 99% the population of white caucasian and he leaves only 1% space for the ‘colored’ contingent.

To promote his party and the ideas of whitening the country Griffin uses war symbols such as Spitfire planes photographs and pictures of Winston Churchill.

“We are fighting the same fight as the boys who flew those planes”, the nationalists’ leader said.

The campaign arises extended critique from World War 2 generals and the Army itself. It is said that the war icons are beyond politics and should not be used. Latest public appearance by general Sir Mike Jackson has clearly shown how he is angered by the BNP’s use of military images.

The BNP is claiming that it has a better relationship with the armed forces than the other political parties.

“How dare they use the image of the Army, in particular, to promote their policies. These people are beyond the pale.”

Most recently Griffin decides to promote his group with the use of Winston Churchill’s photographs.

“Get your part of history here! A full color 8 x 10″ autographed color glossy photo print of BNP leader Nick Griffin next to the Winston Churchill poster is now available for sale, with profits going to the Euro election fund.”

Are the BNPs running out of ideas for promoting themselves or is it just the most of their provocative way of gaining power?