Flat Pumps are the Dumps

by Lindsay Brown

The popular and stylish, but completely flat, ballet pumps many Edinburgh women wear could be hurting their health.

In some women who are less symmetrical than others, pronation results after years of walking on unsupported arches in the feet. Pronation is the inward roll of the foot during walking or running. It causes pain in the foot, shin, and knee. It also increases risk of injuring the back.

Overpronation causes the knees to turn inward.

Local Chiropractor Shawna Dunbar, of Capital Chiropractic, said “As far as prolapsed arches, we see more females over 30 years old.”

The number of men the clinic sees is comparable due to the frequency of men’s participation in high impact sports.

Colin McPhail, owner of running shoe shop Footworks, explains how a poorly supportive shoe increases risk of injury in people who overpronate in their gate while running.

“Overpronation causes an inversion in the tibia, which causes an excessive strain on the knee joint, which then strains the hip joint, which connects to the sacro-iliac, a joint in the lower back.”

The point of skeletal and spinal alignment is to keep the head as level as possible and to prevent the risk of subluxating a disc in the spine, often referred to as “throwing out the back.” A subluxated disc is a vertebrae that has slipped slightly out of alignment.

A supportive shoe assists in preventing this.