Fright Night Fears

By Rebecca Gordon

While Halloween mischief is always expected, insurance company Axa fear a spike in anti-social behaviour linked to trick or treating and fireworks this year. Basing research on previous insurance claims, the company’s statistics show that the seven days from 30th October to 5th November are the worst week in the year for malicious damage to homes.

Crime, courtesy of Alan Baxter online
Halloween Image, courtesy of Alan Baxter online

With the incidence of claims 350% higher than the average day on the 5th of November and 270% higher on the 31st October, property damage ranges from broken windows to a wall being pushed over, while on bonfire night the average claim for malicious firework damage averages at £1000.

In addition, Government statistics reveal that around 1000 people a year are injured by fireworks and the  resulting increase in ‘secondary fires’.

With Halloween falling this year on a Saturday, generally the worst day of the week for malicious damage claims, Axa expects a huge increase in deliberately destructive acts. Nick Kidd, Head of Household Underwriting at Axa warns “We don’t want to ruin anybody’s fun on Bonfire Night but people do need to be vigilant. Although it is difficult to avoid someone putting something through the letterbox, people should take extra care to ensure windows and doors are locked…

“Any sort of damage caused to another person’s property is not only anti-social but also a criminal offence and while insurance can pick up the cost, it can’t deal with the emotional drama.”