Protest against the BNP on Question Time

Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP (courtesy of
Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP (courtesy of

by Anna Fenton

There is to be a protest against Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, appearing on Question Time tomorrow night. The protest will take place outside the BBC Studio at The Tun on Holyrood Road to coincide with the filming of the program in London. The announcement of his appearance on this prestigious television program has caused national outrage.

The  Edinburgh protest has attracted support from representatives of the Edinburgh Hebrew, Muslim and interfaith communities, as well as from local unions such as Unison, PCS and Edinburgh Trades Council. Lothian and Borders Police have said: “At the moment we have no intelligence to suggest that this will be anything other than a peaceful protest… All we will do is facilitate the passing of a peaceful protest and respond appropriately to anyone found to be breaking the law.”

Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London said: “The BBC should withdraw its invitation to Nick Griffin to appear on Question Time… The public do not pay license fees to have them abused by the BBC to help people spread hatred and intolerance. If the BBC continues with this policy it will share responsibility for the crimes against minorities which will follow.”

This is one of many protests against the BNP’s growing media status;  the main one will be outside the BBC Centre on Wood Lane, west London, where a mass demonstration will take place outside the BBC studios where Question Time will be recorded.