Sixteenth victim of Swine Flu in Scotland

By Jonathan Bradwell

Courtesy of ScrapeTV
Courtesy of ScrapeTV

A Fifty Nine year old women from Fife suffering from underlying health problems became the 16th victim of Swine Flu today, just as the vaccination programme began in Scotland.

The vaccination programme aims to distribute the Swine Flu Jab to around 1.3 million people by Christmas time.

This program aims initially to target those people who are in the high risk groups.

These groups include pregnant women and those who work with the sick.

In relation to this, a Scottish government spokesperson said:

“Each GP has contact details for their at risk group and will have a note of who in there surgery is needing a vaccine quickly”.

The government urges those who believe they have been infected with Swine Flu to seek medical help as soon as possible, by sending a friend or a relative to pick up anti virals from a GP or collection point. However, people who think they are infected are advised not to leave their homes.

The spokesperson stated that “They will have a home phone number and a mobile number. A lot of GPs don’t use letters for alerts like this, and use texts”.

The UK government have put in an order to obtain enough Swine Flu vaccines to cover the entire population of the England, Wales and Scotland.

The Scottish government expects supplies of the vaccine to increase in the next few weeks.

The Swine Flu fatality rate is now at 100 deaths in the UK alone.