Small retailers say no to King of Pop

By Ganesh Nagarajan

Edinburgh, Oct 21

A Michael Jackson poster promoting This is it.
A Michael Jackson poster promoting This is it.

Michael Jackson’s outstretched arms in posters have begun to come up on supermarkets. They have put up Michael Jackson’s posters on their shelves to announce the arrival of the late pop star’s new album, “This is it” on October 26.

While supermarkets are busy decorating their shelves, small track stores here have decided not to store This is it.

They say they would find it hard to compete with supermarkets. “The big stores would be able to sell each track at 8.99 pounds, but we cannot sell them at that price. We would have to price each CD at 15 pounds,” Gee CDS owner Alice said.

When supermarkets entered the business of selling CDs, many small retailers shut shop because of their inability to compete with them, according to experts. “In the 60s and 70s, there were many small record retailers in Edinburgh, but today we can finger and count them,” Federation of Small Business, Edinburgh Branch Chairman Michael Dixon said.

Many people prefer to order online, which makes the going tough for small retailers, he said.

Supermarkets could not be reached for their comments.

Emma Nicolson, a MJ fan, is waiting for This is it to be released. However, she has decided not to buy an entire CD. “I will download it as it is convenient and cheaper. By downloading, I can even pick and choose the songs that I want rather than buying an entire  track,” she said.