Support for Stammering Worldwide

By Rebecca Gordon

Tomorrow marks International Stammering Awareness Day, which will  see individuals, associations and groups around the world promoting awareness of the speech disorder. The yearly event aims to help provide the knowledge needed to better understand and manage stammering for some 60 million sufferers world wide.

International Stuttering Association meeting, courtesy of

While local events held by people who stammer, their friends and family and professionals interested in the condition will endeavor to support the awareness day, the International Stammering Awareness Day online conference has also been made available from the Stuttering homepage. The conference, which consists of around 50 papers by both people who stammer and professionals, will include an interactive discussion section.

In addition, the British Stammering Association hopes the awareness day will boost an ongoing campaign against misleading advertising which claims to ‘cure’ stammering by encouraging participants to flag offending YouTube videos.

Norbert Lieckfeldt, of the British Stammering Association, is positive that recent developments will make a big change; “We launched a training DVD for teachers yesterday to raise awareness for children who stammer. It involves children speaking directly to the camera about their needs.

“Secretary for State for Children, Schools and Families Ed Balls is putting £500,000 into specialist centres, including the ISLA at Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University.”