Tall and Talented

By Tracy Norris

Are you exceptionally tall and athletic?Tall and Talented

Do you dream of being on the Olympic podium?

Then you just might have what it takes to compete for Great Britain in the Rio Olympics in 2016.

UK Sport launched Tall and Talented today.  The programme is looking for athletes who might be capable of winning medals in sports such as rowing and basketball, where height is a real advantage.

You may never have tried these sports before, but don’t let that put you off.  Many of the athletes discovered in a similar talent hunt just 2 years ago, are looking forward to competing in London in 2012 in sports they had never tried before their potential was spotted.

One such athlete is 21 year old Samantha Fowler from Glasgow.  She had reached county level at high jump and badminton but is set to row for Great Britain at the Olympics in 2012.  “Although

Samantha Fowler, Olympic rowing hopeful for 2012
Samantha Fowler, Olympic rowing hopeful for 2012
training is hard and requires immense commitment, I am taking a step closer to getting to the Olympics every day” she says.

So, if you are aged 15-20, over 5’11” (females) or 6’3″ (males), already competing at county level or above in any sport and think you have what it takes, then apply online at www.uksport.gov.uk/talent by 16 November.

As Fowler says “Tall and Talented is a once in a lifetime opportunity…you have nothing to lose”.